Inner Fear – Works by Les Ramsay

INNERFEAR – Work by Les Ramsay

To communicate is to struggle: to stutter, to stumble, to try – to cry and cry out, to shout – to whisper, to hint and ask then demand – to apologize, or compromise, to work. To communicate is to work. But, what kind of work?

For INNERFEAR, Vancouver artist Les Ramsay supplies a kind of answer as new, old, and new-old work. Small in scale, the simple compositions of primary colours and elementary forms might be the present pasts of future works; as the apparently winning plans for effective illusions and affective monuments, they win you over – they work. How do they work? Through an involved process of material exploration, historical appropriation, and self-reflexive evaluation, the works on display are gestures of confidence. But, in confidence? In confidence they are whispered debates on uncertainty, impermanence, and the communication of work.

Les Ramsay is an artist based in Vancouver, Canada. His diverse studio practice incorporates painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, photography, and printmaking. He received a BFA in visual arts from the Emily Carr University, and also studied at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain. His work has been exhibited in Canada, Spain, and the United States; this is his first exhibition in Toronto.

-Francesca Bennett

Interview with Caine Heintzman from 01

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