Blog Post Archive (September 2009)

  1. Boris Mikhailov “case history”

    Boris Mikhailov born in 1938 in Ukraine. Case history documents Mikahailov’s  view of a broken Soviet union. His perception of  a disoriented Social Structure, is vivid in his photographs.

  2. Seth Fluker

  3. plans for other days: janfamily

    Janfamily is a group of young artists who share a unique approach to life. They explore the things that surround them, and together they create alternatives to everyday routines.

  4. valie export: fittings

  5. Behind The Scenes

    Yesterday we had a photoshoot for the upcoming issue of 01. Stay tuned. Photos: Jennilee Marigomen | Art Direction: Redia Soltis Styling: Natalie Tersigni | Assistant: Adam Nathaniel Flynn

  6. Night Vision

    NIGHT VISION is a renegade outdoor photograph projection show in Vancouver, Canada. The premise of NIGHT VISION is to bring focus to contemporary photographers from around the world in a community based setting. The second installment of NIGHT VISION takes

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  7. ann demeulemeester f/w

  8. Fourteen30 Contemporary-Bobbi Woods

    This show is only up til Sept 26th.

  9. Garry Winogrand

  10. Isabel Marant

  11. Where were you?

    Photo: Jerry Hsu (via Tiny Vices)

  12. Paul Herbst – My Shit is Gold

    Paul Herbst is a UK based photographer with an extremely observant eye. His images leave you with more questions than answers, which to me is what a good photograph is about. I recommend checking out his first publication through Morel

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