Blog Post Archive (September 2009)

  1. marisa portolese

    marisa portolese

  2. Elliott Wilcox “courts”

    Photographs of courts, showcasing the area as a small environment.

  3. PHI S/S 2010

  4. STREAM feature – Sol Hashemi

    Cake w/ Fast Light Candles, Lighter  (2009) Fog Machine Inside a Jeep – Sol Hashemi (2009) Keys – Sol Hashemi (2009) Eight Bottles of Champagne (2009) Eight Bottles of Champagne (2009) Free Samples Collected Over a Year (2009) Waving a

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  5. William S. Burroughs

  6. Christophe Lemaire f/w

  7. rebecca horn

    rebecca horn

  8. Dan Colen


    Tout Va Bien photographs from the series “Mystic Heathers & Virgin Snow” By Tim Barber Opening Reception Friday September 25th, 7:00 – 11:00pm September 25th – October 25th

  10. Zero + Maria Cornejo S/S 10

  11. Joseph Szabo-Teenage

  12. 581C – Thobias Fäldt

    Thobias Fäldt lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. These are images from his new book 581C (Volume 1), published by Own Books. “Perhaps, we move further away from what we know by approaching its core. 581c is a place, a

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