Gingerbread Monument – klara källström

a few months ago, i received a copy of gingerbread monument (book 1 of 2) by sweden’s klara källström. it is one of the most thorough and beautifully detailed self-published books i have seen.

“self published in october 2008, gingerbread monument is like a shoebox filled with notes, fragments and everyday life objects taken out of their context and put together again in a 120 page book. a type of post-constructed documentary of ephemeral things, kallstrom reflects on her own style as fragmentary: “flashes adding light, reminds me of disengaging the tree’s photosynthesis at night. the trigger finger makes something grow from the sight of it. The pictures eternalize what only exists for the moment- a snowman, a flower of foil dropped on the floor, a car drive with an urn, or- a gingerbread monument.” (shift magazine)

photographs by klara källström | poems by viktor johansson

edited by thobias fäldt (also worth visiting)

specification: hard cover, 120 pages with 46 color plates, 23.5 x 29.5 cm

bound by förlagshuset nordens grafiska

edition: 1400

buy it here

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