581C – Thobias Fäldt

Thobias Fäldt lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. These are images from his new book 581C (Volume 1), published by Own Books.

“Perhaps, we move further away from what we know by approaching its core. 581c is a place, a parallel universe.

It is a mirror world with a wink – neither to be trusted nor to be dismissed. It is from here that Thobias Fäldt

reports back: negating distance, negating time, as though all these images were somehow taken at once. An impossible

archive, these photographs reveal a cross-section of people and experience, a mixture of the familiar and the foreign

– unable to be explained as merely a dream.”

581c – Volume 1, the first in a series of 10 books published over five years alongside Swedish Photographer Thobias Fäldt.

Each book will be accompanied by an event, and the book launch for Volume 1 was in at Swensk in Melbourne.

Own Books, Summer 2009. Melbourne.

Buy it here

Thobias will be showing images from his new series 581C at the outdoor photograph show i am curating, Night Vision.

He will also be debuting images from his collaboration with Klara Källström (KK+TF) called Erotica at the exhibit.


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