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“Hotel presents the book launch of C/R/I/T/I/C/S. C/R/I/T/I/C/S/ is a collaborative “band” between Justin Gradin (Mutators/Sex Negatives/Random Cuts/Emergency Room) and Andrea Lukic (Nu Sensae/99Problems). Tape loops, guitars, collages and drawings compiled in a 50 page book borrowing from themes of sectarianism and the occult to pornography and pop culture.

The book of collages contains with it a 45 record of sound collage recorded at the Emergency Room Strathcona.

Critics was formed in the fall of 2008 through a mutual obsession of exploring sound and collage using mediums of music paraphernalia to create conceptual entities of fandom and novelty. The concept of acting and producing material as a band without the constraints of any specific genre or outside influence is what derives the work. The work is realized through various production methods which adhere the standards of other bands recorded on the label Grotesque Modern but Critics is not a band in practice; only in performance.

In an edition of 100, the books will also be available for purchase. Originals from the book will be shown as well as a performance by Critics at 9pm”

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check out Andrea Lukic’s art here

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