Blog Post Archive (July 2009)

  1. Louis Kahn

    “Truly a work of Art is one that tells us, that Nature cannot make what man can make.”

  2. Damo Suzuki 2009

  3. Ali Bosworth

    Ali Bosworth lives in Victoria B.C with his super cute girlfriend and cat. He takes great photographs and really likes cats: Ali Bosworth’s Portfolio Ali Bosworth’s flickr page Ali bosworth on Tiny Vices

  4. Christian Holstad

  5. Kiyoshi Awazu

  6. Jimmy Limit

    JIMMY LIMIT (b. 1982, Toronto) lives in Canada (the last I heard was Toronto) and takes great photographs:

  7. Gone but still remembered-Cloak S/S 07

    Before Alexandre Plokhov was chief designer for Gianni Versace Men’s Collection and Robert Geller came out with his own designer line the two were partners for the highly ambitious line called Cloak which they made for only a few seasons.

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  8. Claude Tousignant

  9. Anna-Sara Dåvik: Autumn/Winter 09-10

    images via stockholm fashion week

  10. NEU! Album art

    Album art for Kraut Rock group NEU! Although these album covers were designed in the early 1970s,  still looks fresh and current to this day.

  11. Bjorn Copeland

    Bjorn Copeland of  ambient noise group Black Dice:

  12. Diana Orving F/W 09

    I am very excited for what  Orving is doing with volume and structure. I can’t wait to see more collections of her’s in the future. I am still  kicking myself I didn’t buy a crazy bat winged dress, while in

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